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World Hallmarks Book Series
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Hallmarks Volume1
Hallmarks Volume2
Volume I
19th-21st Century
2nd Edition
Released 2010

Volume II
1st Edition
Released 2017


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World Hallmarks Book Series

Covering Global Hallmarking Countries

Written in a narrative chronological format,
this book covers gold, silver, platinum, and palladium
hallmarks worldwide and includes...

  • Historical perspectives
  • Assay Office & International Expert Corroboration
  • Clear Methodology for Hallmark Analysis
  • Analytical Indexes for Easy Referencing
  • All Hallmark Illustrations are Newly Rendered for Clarity
  • Thousands of Hallmark Graphics from 90 countries
  • Dozens of Actual Hallmark Photos for Easy Reference
  • Numerous Examples of International Hallmark Layouts
  • Many Important and Informational Charts
  • Methods for Translating Foreign Marks
  • Comprehensive Glossaries of Hallmarking Terms
  • Discussions on Important Non-Hallmarking Countries

Purchase your 2 book set of World Hallmarks
for the special price of $375

Precious Metal Hallmark Book
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