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In Remembrance of Those Cherished

2009 and 2010 were difficult years for many in the jewelry industry, including HRI where fate has taken the dearest of our colleagues.
HRI has dedicated this page to those and subsequent people that have inspired us but have now moved on to what is beyond.

May their travels be safe.  Farewell, we do miss you.







The last few years has taken its toll on the Authors. The years of dedicated research and time invested in the production of Volume II, was secondary to the care-giving and then subsequent passing of the Matriarchs of each of the HRI families, Erma Matula, Emilia Niklewicz, and Elsie Whetstone was heart wrenching. Though they had lived full lives they were still taken too soon. They remain alive in the hearts of their children, never to be forgotten.


Howard Rubin  

Howard Rubin

Active in the jewelry industry since the 1950's, Howard Rubin has been a leader in both industry and education. Howard Rubin is best known as the Father of the GemDialogue color system. A kind and generous man, Howard and his wife Gail Levine have been good friends and supporters of HRI. He will be missed.



Ernestine "Tina" Singer 

Ernestine Singer was a natural to the jewelry business: larger than life, fiercely loyal, an amazing salesperson, and a shrewd businesswoman.  M&L Singer, her family's wholesale and retail business, was highly respected worldwide, and Tina was an integral part.  Her daughter, Diana Singer, is a colleague to HRI and continues her mother's legacy as a wholesale estate jewelry dealer in NY.



Dr. Kurt Nassau

Look to any gemologist's shelf for the books Gems Made by Man, and Gemstone Enhancement. They surely will be present along with other works that were written by a man that alive was considered a legend in gemology, Dr. Kurt Nassau.  His contributions to gemology and man's hand in the appearance and formation of gemstones, Kurt's works will always be a cornerstone to all who study the science of gemology and mineralogy. As gemologists, the Founders of HRI thank Dr. Nassau for kindness and inspirational intellect.




Barry Weber

Barry's smile and gentle nature will be missed not only from the antique jewelry annals of the popular show "Antique Roadshow" but from all his family, friends and colleagues. Always with a good word and smile, Barry will be missed by all of us that enjoyed his friendship and professionalism.


Barry Weber



János Sághy

Just months into his retirement after 40+ years at the Hungarian Assay Office, this insatiable horticulturist was generous and kind.  Instrumental in opening the door to the IAAO for HRI and most helpful with the vetting of the Hungarian Chapter for HRI's World Hallmarks - Vol. I, János exposed himself as a warm and caring individual with a flair for photography and a passion for flowers. Taken much before his time, János Sághy will be missed by all his family, colleagues and all of us at the Hallmark Research Institute.

The flower below is just one of many floral images János Sághy sent within his emails over the years of our collaboration.



Christie Romero

A vibrant and energetic personality whose passion for jewelry was infectious.  Foremost a researcher, Christie's lectures on jewelry and jewelry history were fascinating and informational. Founder of the Center for Jewelry Studies and Author of Warman's Jewelry, Christie Romero leaves a foundation of knowledge that will preserve jewelry history for generations to come. Christie was always a supporter of HRI and its projects, and is sorely missed.
HRI has republished the Center for Jewelry Studies website to keep alive her hard work and spirit. You can visit the Memorial for her on the Modern Silver website.


Christie Romero




Campbell Bridges

Campbell Bridges was an incredible man. Carved from the earth, this man had infinite passion for family, environment, fellow man and the small gifts of the earth - gemstones. Instrumental in bringing tanzanite to the world and the discoverer of tsavorite in the land of his home, Campbell was a humble giant. Struck down before his time, the name Campbell Bridges will forever echo in the stories that create legends of our time.  His passing is felt deeply throughout the gem industry and here at HRI, as well.



Alain van Acker

Maybe you have not heard of Alain van Acker because he may have preferred it that way. A Dutch gemologist, and  appraiser, Alain also was a gold and silversmith with a passion for computers and programming.  HRI was introduced to Alain in his position as webmaster and moderator for the Antique Jewelry University (AJU) and as well as on gemology related web sites. Though always behind the scenes, Alain is missed by all that knew him.

Photo linked to source GemologyOnLine.com, post by Albert

Alain van Acker



Joseph Sataloff  

Joseph Sataloff

A generous man with a flair and fancy for Art Nouveau jewelry. Author of Art Nouveau Jewelry: A Practical Guide to Its History and Beauty. Dr. Sataloff was known for sharing his passion with all who were interested and shared his enthusiasm. He has left a legacy in his collection of some of the finest examples of Art Nouveau jewelry ever produced. Many of these pieces can be viewed across the country at national museums.  Thank you, Dr. Sataloff, for all your generosity.


Additional Contributors to the Antiquities Community Remembered




Alexander Żurawlow

In a senseless act, the life Chemist and amber expert Alexander Żurawlow MA was taken on December 28, 2009. Conservator of the largest collection of amber art and impressive works of contemporary artists, a lecturer and scientist on the gem amber throughout Europe, A. Żurawlow headed the team that reconstructed Amber Room in Peter the Great's Summer Palace, outside of St. Petersburg.





Rose by János Sághy

Thank you all for sharing your beauty with us and the world.
You each are sorely missed.



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