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                 WORLD HALLMARKS - Volume II         

The Hallmark Research Institute is proud to announce the completion of its second volume in the World Hallmarks book series. As a goal of HRI to help bring a better recognition and understanding of precious metal hallmarks and hallmarking to the world, HRI has compiled this second volume to be a complement to World Hallmarks - Volume I - Europe. Covering the rest of the world, World Hallmarks - Volume II - Asia, Middle East, Africa spans the nearly all of the remaining hallmarking countries and even includes the marking practices of several non-hallmarking, numerous conversion charts, example driven deciphering of difficult marks, and much more. These narrative Volumes assist in the proper identification of hallmarks not only on silver, but on gold, platinum, and palladium as well. The Institute's initial historical time-line for these volumes concentrate primarily on the early to mid-19th century to currently used hallmarks as of the start of 2017.  These books will give you a whole new appreciation of the complexity of hallmarks beyond mere recognition!

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