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The Hallmark Research Institute was established to explore the feasibility of developing a better understanding of precious metal hallmarks used during the 19th to 21st centuries. HRI exceeded their own expectations and achieved their goal by creating easy to use reference books that explain the hallmarking practices for precious metals in countries from around the world in detail that, to-date, is unrivaled.
The years of research dedicated to this project resulted in the compilation of two volumes of work; World Hallmarks - Volume I and Volume II. Designed to complement one another, each volume contains information vetted from the source countries and their assay offices. World Hallmarks - Volume I - Europe, released in 2010, covers much of the hallmarking countries of Europe. The second book, World Hallmarks - Volume II - Asia, Middle East, Africa, released in 2017, spans nearly all of the remaining hallmarking countries of the world; including the marking practices of several prominent non-hallmarking nations.
The World Hallmarks Book Series have proven to be a valuable asset in the proper identification and explanation of hallmarks found on gold, silver, platinum, and palladium from over 90 countries. Today these two volumes are being used in assay offices, research libraries, museums, auction houses, and by customs agents, appraisers, antique dealers, and collectors worldwide.
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